Welcome to Minibazzar. This document is a record in terms of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 with accordance to the Rules of 1932 ) of the Information Technology (Partnership Act guidelines) that require publishing the rules and regulations, privacy policy and Terms of Use for access or usage of Minibazzar marketplace platform – (hereinafter referred to as “Platform”)

The Platform is owned by Mini bazzar Firm, having its Corporate office at Khordha Districts, Bahadalpur-Sarakantara, Dumuduma Housing Board Road, Bahadalpur Village, Bhubaneswar – 751019, India(Odisha) and it is the main branch office in India.

Your use of the Mini bazzar and services and tools are governed by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Use“) as applicable to the Mini bazzar including the applicable policies which are a way of reference. By mere use of the Minibazzar, You shall be contracting with a “domestic” Firm, the owner of the Platform. These terms and conditions is  included the policies of constituting Your binding obligations, with

For the purpose of use in the Terms & Condition, If you require any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a buyer or seller on Platform by providing all the data while registering on the Platform as Registered User. The term “” shall mean Mini bazzar Firm.

Mini bazzar provides various internet services through its platform. This service allows consumers to purchase genuine products such as clothing, health and beauty products and accessories from a variety of fashion and style brands (collectively the “Products’ ‘). You can buy products through a platform that offers a variety of payment methods. The sale/purchase of goods is also subject to certain sales guidelines such as a cancellation policy, an exchange policy, and a return policy. When a user requests a refund(By checking the box), we verify that the item has been returned, unused and that the original label is intact. If the product returned by the user has been used, damaged, or the original label is lost, the user’s request for a return will be denied and the product will be returned to the purchaser. If your return request is denied, you will not receive a refund and Mini bazzar is not responsible for this. If the buyer does not receive the sales receipt, they will still not be eligible for a refund and Mini bazzar will not be responsible for the return or replacement of such reshipment. shipped products. In addition, these terms of use may be complemented by product-specific terms that can be shown with this product.


Mini bazzar is not responsible for and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, reliability, novelty or lack of errors in product descriptions or other content on the Platform.


As a Registered Seller or Vendor, you are entitled to offer products for sale on the Platform following the guidelines incorporated by reference into these Terms of Use. You must be able to legally sell products listed for sale on the platform. You must ensure that the items listed do not infringe any intellectual property rights, trade secrets or proprietary rights, or the disclosure or privacy of any third party. Ads must contain only textual descriptions, graphics, and photos that describe what is being sold. Everything listed should be listed in the appropriate platform category. Requires stock of all items listed in Sales Success. Descriptions of items on the list are not inaccurate and should reflect the actual condition of the product. If the product description does not reflect the actual condition of the product, we agree to a refund of the amount received from the buyer. You agree not to post many products in different categories on the Platform. Mini bazzar reserves the right to remove multiple listings for the same product that you have registered in different categories.

We can provide a service for the replacement of items of clothing purchased from us (change in length, change only in the size of the waist). This service is free of charge and there is no charge for changes. However, the nominal fee stated by Mini bazzar (including service tax) at the time of the change request will be charged as a service fee for receiving and changing clothes or individual visits (if applicable).


All text, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, photos, trademarks, logos, sounds, music, and illustrations (“Content”) are content created by third parties, and Mini bazzar has no control over user-generated content. As far as these terms of use are concerned, you are only an agent. This content belongs to us and you grant us a worldwide, perpetual and transferable right to this content. We reserve the right to continuously use the Content or its elements for any type of use, including but not limited to advertising and advertising purposes, following the Privacy Policy adopted following applicable law. Known or reinvented, including the creation of derivative works that may include content you provide.


You can use information about products and services specifically offered on the download platform.

  • does not remove any proprietary notice language from all copies of these materials. 
  • use this information only for personal and non-commercial information purposes and may not copy or publish this information on network computers or disseminate it in any media.
  • do not modify this information, and 
  • No Additional representation or warranties regarding such documentation.


Issue of liability:-

In no event shall Mini bazzar be accountable for any indirect, criminal, incidental, special, consequential damages or any other damages because of:

  • use or inability to use a service or product, 
  • unauthorized get entry to or alteration of the user’s data or transmissions.
  • breach of terms, representations or warranties by the manufacturer of the Products
  •  All other problems related to the Service, including, but not limited to, loss of usability, loss of data or profit resulting from the use or performance of the Platform or Service. Mini bazzar is not responsible for the absence of mini bazzar or the unplanned interruption of access to Mini bazzar during regular maintenance. The user understands and agrees that any material and/or data uploaded to Mini bazzar is their responsibility and discretion. of the user and that the user is fully responsible for any damage or loss of data on the mobile phone as a result of downloading such materials. To the extent required by law, Mini bazzar’s liability is limited to an amount equal to the amount of the product you have purchased. Mini bazzar is not responsible for any dispute or disagreement between users.


You acknowledge and agree that you have access to the Platform Services and that you transact at your own risk and make the most reasonable and sensible decisions before performing transactions through Mini bazzar. We expressly disclaim liability and obligations in this point, as we shall not be liable for any acts or commissions of seller breach of conditions, claims or warranties of the seller or product suppliers. We do not mediate and resolve disputes or disputes between customers and sellers or suppliers of our products. In addition, we make no warranties (express or implied) as to the quality, suitability, accuracy, reliability, completeness, currency, effectiveness, safety, marketability, suitability for a particular purpose, or the legality of the products listed or displayed. I deny it. ; or the completion or content of the Platform (including product or pricing information and/or specifications). Although precautions have been taken to avoid inaccuracies in content, this website, all content, information (including product prices), software, products, services, and associated graphics are provided without warranty of any kind. No ownership rights or interests in the products sold or displayed on the Platform are merged with mini bazzar, and mini bazzar has no obligation or liability in connection with any transaction on the Platform.


Concerning Delivery – You agree and acknowledge that all complaints regarding the delivery of your order (including non-receipt / non-delivery of your order or confirmation of your signature) must be reported to Mini bazzar within 5 days from the expected delivery date of the product. If you do not receive the package within the specified period or do not provide the Misryle notification, it will be reported in connection with the transaction and will be considered as a shipment. Mini bazzar disclaims all responsibility for claims for non-delivery, non-receipt of an order (including signature confirmation to confirm delivery) 5 days after the expected delivery date of the product displayed on the Mini bazzar portal.


Shopping Cart Alerts Mini bazzar;

understands that if a selected product is not in your shopping cart, you will be given the option to select another seller’s product from your shopping cart. You understand that products from different vendors may have different prices.



We trust that shielding your privateness is extremely important… We understand that you and your personal information are one of our most valuable assets. We store and process your information, including any sensitive financial information we collect on physically secure computers and use appropriate measures and procedures per our rules and regulation. You can find the current data protection declaration under the heading “Data protection”. You can find the current data protection declaration under the heading “Data protection”. If you object to the transmission or use of data in this way, please do not use this platform. If you object to the transmission or use of data in this way, please do not use the Platform.


We can transfer personal data to other legal entities companies. Unless expressly denied, these companies and their affiliates may be placed on the market based on these transfers.


We can pass on personal data to third parties. Such disclosures enable you to access our services, comply with our legal obligations, enforce our consumer agreements, facilitate our marketing and promotional activities, or prevent, detect and detect related fraudulent or illegal activities; you may be asked to arrest and investigate. at our service. We do not share your data with third parties for marketing and advertising purposes without your explicit consent.


We may also expose  Personal Information while required by law or in good faith belief that disclosure is appropriate according to a subpoena, court order, or other legal processes. We may share Personal Information with law enforcement agencies, third party copyright holders, or others if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to: Respond to claims that advertisements, publications, or other content violate the rights of third parties. or to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of users or the public.


We and our affiliates will transfer/sell, reorganize, combine or reorganize some or all of your personal information to another business if we (or our assets) plan to merge or acquire that business. If such a transaction occurs, other businesses (or new associations) will be required to comply with this Privacy Policy concerning your personal information.